Piraqua Craft Soda

Mind Your Manna, is a woman-owned and operated company based out of Portland, Oregon. They believe that nourishing plant-based foods can reduce and heal chronic, systemic issues and directly impact our overall wellness. They create products that align with those beliefs and support our customers, who are looking for natural ways to maintain a vibrant lifestyle. That's why Crisp is proud to offer Firebrew from woman-owned Mind Your Manna!

Bill Case Farms - Albany, Oregon

Bill Case, after graduating from Oregon State in 1961, had the desire to enter into the fresh veg business. He quickly bought 200 acres in the Albany valley and began his venture in sweet corn and bean production. Today, his farm has grown to ten times the size, over two thousand acres and growing a wide variety of crops, from sweet corn to hubbard squash. An avid Oregon State fan, Bill and his family work closely with the university in discovering better storage practices for his fresh veg. He travels with the Oregon State basketball and baseball teams, and has them come tour the farm to further their education in the agriculture field during harvest. They participate and are always interested in returning next season. When asked about his definition of local, Bill stated “you take care of your own, and they will take care of you.” He implements this with his work force, having some staff members been a part of his team for over forty years. Bill is even in midst of constructing a basketball court for their downtime and leisure. An active member in the community, Bill always has his door open and is willing to answer any questions anyone may have. He believes these values add life to the community, builds strong relationships, and lasting friendships.